The One about Cormorant

I am planning another cycling trip across Wales. It commences in a week. Because my Seagull bike stayed in the Netherlands, and there was no point for me to bring it back to Wales since I am moving to Tilburg soon, I had to get a new bicycle. I went to Pedal Power Charity based in Pontcanna Fields. I donated my old bicycle Foxie to them last year and so I saw it as a great opportunity to buy the new bicycle from them again.

Finally, I will cycle from Cardiff to Snowdonia. I was planning on doing a trip for the last three years but the circumstances interrupted it. In the first year, I had to withdraw from the university because of the financial problems and had to work to pay back my debt so I was allowed to come back to study. In the second year, I took a chance and went to study to Rotterdam as an exchange student and again I missed the gap during the spring term holidays.

This time, I will cycle as a part of the project I am preparing for my degree show taking my photography equipment on a journey. I cycle quite often, including commute trips and long-distance tours. For me, cycling is the most honest way of transport. It directly copies the terrain and reflects in our life experience. If I cycle uphill, I must push hard and make an effort to be on the top, while going down it is very easy and fast. Just like in life. Every our decision, positive action and effort we do make an imprint. Sometimes it shows more, sometimes it develops blurry just like the imprint of the light on the photographic paper.

I am commuting to the university on the Taff trail along the river Taff. The most beautiful path to commute! River Taff is crossing the park and the green fields never stop. It is always worth to take the longer route along the river where heron birds are waiting still in the water for their prey. I often have thought of heron birds to be my good luck. When I got into the troubles with student finance I have never seen heron birds in Taff river. Instead, I have seen blackbirds with the long necks – Cormorants. I convinced myself to believe that they are my bad luck from now.

We often pay a big attention to symbols and we believe in them if we want to. We can fear them too. That blackbird was worrying me that I failed my chance to study what I love. However, only if we believe them too far they become the truth. I named my new bicycle Cormorant as the bird I used to be afraid of. Now I conquered that fear.

Author: Michaela Davidova

artist designer: maker, pinhole camera photographer and designer, project coordinator and of course a dreamer and traveller!

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