The One about spreading the smiles

Before moving to Rotterdam i bought a purple helmet in the Splott market in Cardiff. I am trying to wear it always when I cycle althought it is not a compulsory accessory. Althought I am a cyclist, I am also quite clumsy. But more then the other thing I like to spread the smiles on the faces of people who see me cycling with the helmet! Some are just very surprised thinking I am weird and some are laughing at me like I am crazy.

I really look funny with helmet. Being almost 30 years old I suddenly look 15. I really don’t mind because the safety first! Moreover, I love the style of my new purple helmet 😉 It’s me.

Also, once I went to the Markthal and forgot the helmet at home. On the way back, I drove into the tram track and fell off the bike. The first accident with Seagull! Luckily it was only my knee which got hurt. The next day, I planned the trip to Amsterdam – 80 km cycling.










The One about Moving to the Netherlands

The time came when I took Seagull for his first big trip. I got a new trailer from Maz, the guy working for the Cycling training Wales, which I loaded with lots of stuff as usually and took the train to London. From there I cycled towards Harwich where is the ferry going between the UK And the Netherlands.


Althought, the first stop was in the Czech Ambassy to vote in the Czech presidential elections. I wished so much that our current president Miloš Zeman will not be reelected. Unfortunatelly, my wish was not enough.

The way from London to Romford was quite easy, difficult part came on the way to Chelmsford. I took the road with no cycle path neither the pavement and so I ended up pushing my bike on the grass passing the bodies of dead animals.

When it was getting dark, my phone and gps died and the newly bought light failed, I knew I will have to take the train to get to Harwich before the ferry leaves. When I was pushing the trailer inside the train (twice), I was hesitating if the chapter of my adventure started the right way!

The next days, I woke up in Hook of Holland, with nice weather and wide cycle paths until Rotterdam. Wellness, what more to says – the beginings can be hard!