The One about Pedal Powered Solargraphs

Finally scanning my solargraphs!

During the journey across the Netherlands, I set the solargraphy cameras (understand the beer cans pinhole cameras) along the coast of the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. All together they were 7 of them. On the way back when I was coming from Lithuania with Siggy, we collected them and brought them back to UK. When I got settled in Cardiff I scanned them with my bike generator.

However, not all of them survived a month of exposure. In a fact, only 3 of them were closed on a site. It was one in Moddergat next to the Wadden Sea, one in Breezand facing the Balgzandkanal leading to Amstelmeer, and finally one in Ouddorp along Dijk Het Flaauwe Werk where we spent the night outdoor under the sky full of stars.

Two of the cameras were not found on the sites where I installed them… They were one in Breskens and one near Vrouwenpolder where the Oosterschelde is divided from the North Sea.

The last two of them were found on the site, however, one in Den Oever was opened and the photopaper was missing, the one in Westerland was opened and the surprise was waiting for me inside. Somebody opened the camera and damaged the photograph, but apparently, people were discovering it and started to write their names and date of discovery on the photopaper. Also, this is the solargraphy project about. You leave the camera somewhere to capture the image and you never know what result is waiting for you.

When coming back to Cable street studios I had to pick up the last cameras I left on the roof before going for a trip.

I couldn´t wait to see the solargraphs, but at first, I had to move to Cardiff and settle down. One day I collected all I needed, the scanner and the camera for shooting the video. I skipped the lesson at school and although being sick I set up my generator. The lesson is called Sustainable practices so I am sure the tutor would understand the importance of the project! The results came beautifully (pictures in negative and positive).

Time of installation-collection

2x Cable Street – 4/6 – 18/9 – 96 days

Breskens – 28/6 – 27/8

Vrouwenpolder – 2/7 – 26/8

Ouddorp – 2/7 – 25/8 – 55 days

Breezand – 5/7 – 21/8 – 47 days

Westerland – 5/7 – 21/8

Den Oever – 6/7 – 21/8

Moddergat – 7/7 – 20/8